Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spanaway stop

This food stop in Spanaway was incredibly hot, I think because this new junior high school was surrounded by asphalt. And, of course, it was just hot. They had run out of 10,000 bottles of Vitamin Water juice when we got here, and the water lines were extremely long.


Sue P said...

I am enjoying your blog! I haven't ridden STP for years (that kid thing....), but I still remember it fondly. Most years I rode it as a one-day ride, but tried the two-day experience once as well. In my opinion, it's easier, in some ways, to make the one-day ride than the make the two-day ride.

Best of luck, no flats, and hope you have a great ride!

mike ullmann said...

A very familiar sight. Good for you! (And good weather, too, unlike RSVP when we went.)