Friday, July 6, 2007

Weather watch, part I

The weather report from the National Weather service is sobering -- it could hit 100 degrees in Seattle on Wednesday. Happily, the temperatures are expected to moderate by the weekend, although there's also a chance of rain. Of course, any forecast predicting the weather 9 days out is pretty dicey, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I really wouldn't want to ride in 90- or 100-degree weather.

Meanwhile I love this story out of Paris. The city has embraced bicycles in a big way in a new bike program with 10,648 rentable bikes stationed at 750 rental stations. The plan is ingenious in its use of technology (ATM-like bike checkouts) and common sense (no charge if the bike is rented for 30 minutes or less and the bike can be dropped off at any of the rental stations around the city). I hope it goes well.

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