Thursday, July 12, 2007

Last-minute warnings

These last few days before the STP remind me of the days, long ago, when I was recognizably pregnant: People keep telling me horror stories about their 24-hour-long childbirth experience. Only this time, instead of labor gone bad, the stories are all about bike crashes.

I don't like falling down. I'm going to be careful.

Which brings me to the camera phone. I probably spent a month trying to think of various ways to safely mount a camera (or phone) on my bike and take pictures while riding. I've finally settled on this homemade thingy on my handlebars. It's a little holder for my cell phone, made out of a spare mount for my bike computer, a couple of pieces of balsa wood, a little bit of glue, a piece of felt and a lot of duct tape. Oh, and there's also a safety tether made of elastic and a clip, to secure the phone to my handlebars. If it pops out, it should just dangle safely on its tether instead of crashing onto the roadway - which would be very disturbing.

With this setup, I should be able to take pictures with my thumb while keeping both hands on the handlebars. But only when the coast is clear...which may not happen for the first 30 miles or so. (Or 50? Or 75?)

I've taken a lot of ribbing from my family about this setup. My do-it-yourself projects are usually ingenious, but unappreciated.

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pmerz4 said...

very cool!
Thanks for the pictures and posts. I'm showing them to my 10 year old as we've talked about riding next year (I'll be 50 and haven't riddend STP since 1994).

Have a great ride